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The need for in-depth, measured and reliable research to help inform investment decisions cannot be over-emphasized. Our Build to Rent knowledge and expertise has been gleaned from working closely alongside and assisting many of the leading operators in the sector. We take a consultative approach, in order to provide our clients with detailed information and robust conclusions supported by in-depth analysis and research. This provides a highly valuable resource to enable important decisions to be made and greatly minimizes the potential for costly errors.

Despite the fact that the Build to Rent sector is often described as “nascent”, many important lessons have already been learned and at JOHNS&CO we have the experience to guide our clients on an optimal path to deliver best value and achieve maximum returns from their investment.

Our research and consultancy services can be utilised in a flexible and cost-effective way and provide a comprehensive series of solutions. For example:

  • PRS/Build to Rent Sector Research – Focusing on a particular market segment, geographic location or target demographic. Analysis on market scale and opportunity, supply and demand, site and acquisition protocols, operational management, absorption/take-up, competitor analysis, excellence and mediocrity – what makes a project successful, enhancing net operating income (NOI), exit opportunities


  • Legislative Framework – Government Policy, Planning Issues
  • Site Finding – Identifying potential assets, establishing a pipeline of projects & evaluating locations, sites/market segment and development viability vs “Build for Sale”
  • Build to Rent building design, amenities, market matching
  • Financial Modelling – including Estimated Rental Values and Rentalisation Strategy, Capex and Opex assumptions under a range of scenarios
  • “Proptech” solutions, enhancing asset management, improving NOI, Business Model Audit


Each of our reports can be tailored to suit our client’s requirements and budget, on a “menu-driven” approach, with more in-depth analysis available as required. We work closely with our clients to determine a reporting template and in order to provide the key answers to their specific needs.

JOHNS&CO utilizes a variety of analytical tools and databases, which we subscribe to and which are updated on a regular basis. In addition we glean further information from recognized sources such as Experian, CACI, ONS as well as possessing our own in-house proprietary data. This includes a very comprehensive series of case-studies and reports on Build to Rent projects, collated over a considerable period and covering the whole of the UK.

We can quickly distil the essence or “dna” of what factors separate a market-leading project and enable it to out- perform its competition.

Capital Raising

We can assist our clients to successfully source and raise capital for Build to Rent projects in a variety of ways:

  • Input to formulating and producing BtR specific “Information Memorandum” documents
  • Introductions to lenders and sources of equity and debt who have an appetite for funding BtR projects
  • Introductions to compatible joint-venture partners who can add value to our clients proposition

JOHNS&CO has many years of experience in assisting both investor and developer clients to find an optimal solution to the often frustrating process of raising capital in order to realise their projects true potential.