5 plants that are good for your health to have at home
Adding plants to your home doesn't just make your living spaces feel more welcoming - choosing the right plants can also make your home healthier.
summer heatwave 23/07/2019
How to keep your home cool in the summer heatwave
Whilst a heatwave with temperatures of 30 degrees might seem appealing when you're lying on a sun-soaked beach with the occasional dip in the ocean, it does not have quite the same appeal when you're stuck on the Tube or back in your flat, sans pool. If London does get the imminent heatwave we've been promised, then take a look at our handy guide to keeping your home as cool as possible all summer long.
Eco-friendly 23/04/2019
Eco-friendly cleaning for your home
Every day we're exposed to over 170 different chemicals, and that's not counting our commute home. For those of us that take the Tube, train or even drive to work, there's an even bigger barrage of chemicals and pollutants that are coming into contact with us on a daily basis. Whilst the extent of this exposure hasn't fully been explored, it can do no harm to revert back to more 'natural' cleaning solutions around the home, to help protect you and the planet. With this in mind we've put together some of our favourite tried and tested methods for cleaning  your home in the most natural way possible. 
coffee 08/04/2019
Best Cafés, Delis & Coffee Shops In East London
London has over 1,500 coffee shops, almost a third of the national total.  With this number set to increase over the next few years, we've curated a list of our favourite coffee shops in the bonafide home of independent coffee: East London. Whether you enjoy regular or decaf, sweetened or original, cow or plant milk... there's a coffee shop for everyone.
fitness 19/03/2019
Who says getting fit in London needs to cost more than your rent?
Now the nights are getting longer, and London is slowly coming out of hibernation, there's never been a better time to start moving. If an overpriced London gym doesn't appeal, do not fear, there are plenty of ways to work up a sweat without breaking the bank.
5 of the best Ikea hacks
There's no denying that a trip to Ikea involves functional furniture, arguments with your significant other and meatballs - but it can also be a great place to purchase everything you need to create something truly unique for your home.
10 ways to prevent condensation in your home
It’s that time of year again, people have started talking about the C word already… that’s right, condensation! Now that the colder weather is here you may find that condensation is becoming a more common occurrence within your home.