5 of the best Ikea hacks
There's no denying that a trip to Ikea involves functional furniture, arguments with your significant other and meatballs - but it can also be a great place to purchase everything you need to create something truly unique for your home.
The best pet friendly developments in London
Despite being a city of pet lovers, it can be difficult to find somewhere to rent in London that will also welcome your furry, scaley or feathered friend. Thankfully we're seeing many buildings and developments becoming pet friendly, with some even offering services to help you look after your pet. Here are a few of our favourite pet friendly developments in London...
What effect will the 2018 Autumn Budget have on housing?
At the end of October we saw the Chancellor set out his 2018 Autumn Budget. Although he was relatively quiet when it came to property there were a few points that may have an effect on the housing marketing in the coming months.
balcony 12/06/2018
7 ways to get your balcony summer ready
One of the biggest benefits of having a balcony instead of a garden is that it’s relatively quick to spruce up. So whether you just want a space to grow a few plants, or you want to create something really special, here are some ideas to inspire you this summer.
London House – an alternative property investment
In a residential market that continues to be challenging for investors, many are on the lookout for alternative investment options to maximise returns. A great example of an alternative but lucrative investment is London House in High Wycombe.
5 Instagram accounts to follow for interior design inspiration
Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are just a bit bored in your current property, a generous dose of interior design inspiration will do wonders.
Everything You Need To Know About Housing In London Today
Each year we read hundreds of headlines stating ‘house prices rise’ or ‘house prices fall’ – but which headline is accurate? We’re going behind the headlines to provide an insight into what’s really happening in the London property market today.
autumn budget 20/11/2017
Autumn Budget 2017
The new Autumn Budget will be released by the government on the 22nd of November 2017. With property likely to be a hot topic, here are five things we’d like to see addressed.
10 ways to prevent condensation in your home
It’s that time of year again, people have started talking about the C word already… that’s right, condensation! Now that the colder weather is here you may find that condensation is becoming a more common occurrence within your home.
Bank of England vote to raise base rate
The Bank of England have raised the base rate from 0.25% to 0.5%. It’s the first rate rise in a decade; the last increase occurred in July 2007.
Wardian Canary Wharf Development Guide
Located in the heart of Canary Wharf’s busy financial district, Wardian is set to be one of the area’s most exciting developments.