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Friday News

Work from Home Tips and Tricks

News flash – sitting down for 9 hours a day isn’t great for your joints. However, there is a solution to keeping you fit and mobile whilst working from a dining room chair – mobility. The slightly less sexy sister of flexibility, this is the active range of motion you have in your joints, and if you want to be running, jumping and basically moving into old age this is a daily non-negotiable. Shona Vertue, the undisputed queen of mobility (and David Beckham’s personal trainer) has a 10-min video that will have you as bendy as possible in no time.  Speaking from personal experience (G), doing these controlled articular rotations every day for the past year has saved my joints when running.

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Friday Fun Fact

This week – in the spirit of the recent snowfall, did you know that it takes roughly an hour for a single snow flake to leave it’s cloud and land on the ground *mind blown*. For more snow facts (including monkeys enjoying snowball fights) click here. 

Feel Good Friday

This week’s mental health top tip is all about delving into Yin Yoga. Unlike a sweatier traditional practice, Yin sees the yogi holding asanas (postures) for up to 5 minutes. This, coupled with deep belly breathing, calms the nervous system and deeply releases the fascia in the muscles, meaning longer, stronger and more balanced tendons and deep relaxation. Expect your heart rate to plummet during Yin meaning it’s a great pre-bedtime routine to calm you before sleep. Try Head of Yoga Fi’s Yin Yoga live on a Monday through Fly London or catch up on demand. 7-day free trial.

Friday Freebie

Eventbrite, the ticket ordering platform (remember when we could order tickets for in-person events *sob*) have a whole new section for free online events. From finance to knee pain, wellbeing, social and more. Check out their virtual timetable and book in with pals. 

Friday Fitness

Pilates (whilst great) can sometimes feel laborious due to its typically slow playlist. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Anna Johnson (founder of The Haus Pilates Co.) has created a Pilates programme set entirely to house music, meaning your 100 will fly by! She offers a 7-day free trial and subsequent welcome box full of wonderful goodies to welcome you into the community!

Charity Update

Richard House

Richard House (our charity partner for those that are new) have understandably found this past year incredibly hard. In-person volunteering and fundraising events have understandably been cancelled for the immediate future. However, if you’re looking to help, salary sacrifice can be an easy way to regularly make a difference.  For lower rate tax payers for every 80p you donate the the government will top it up to £1. For more information, please message Danny or Jules Thank You!


St John’s Hospice 

Alongside Richard House we also support St John’s Hospice, most notably in conjunction with West Hampstead. At the moment they are struggling with a lot of patients having/or have had covid. They are currently running a IPU Nurse Step Challenge where you can sign up to walk as many steps as one of their nurses in a day.