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2021 Trends For Decorating Your Loft-Style London Apartment

Looking for ways to add a splash of urban appeal to your loft-style apartment in London? While very few of us live in loft-style apartments due to their rarity, we are beginning to see more and more luxury London developments beginning to adopt the stripped-back ‘loft’ style of apartment, for example, in Keybridge House, London City Island and at the Goodluck Hope development. 

If you are lucky enough to have a loft-style apartment, you may be wondering how to style and decorate it in a way that doesn’t lose out on comfort or space. With sloping ceilings and walls, you may need to be creative with how you use your loft-style apartment space.

Luckily, it’s very easily possible to combine industrial design with a comfy and homely space, with many elements that can be very easily transferred to urban and industrial loft-style apartments. Here are some of the top 2021 trends for decorating your loft-style London apartment.

Neutral Colours

Whites, creams and off-whites are generally the most popular go-to colours, meaning that you can’t go wrong with neutral colours! If your loft-style apartment lacks some light, it’s important to keep your colour scheme very bright and neutral in order to create the illusion of bright and open space.

More neutral colours can make your room appear more light and airy while enhancing the space in your loft-style apartment.

Pop of Colour

Just because you live in a loft-style apartment, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted to using colour! Pops of colours, such as punches of turquoise or a bold red, can add life to an apartment and can work really well with high ceilings, without overpowering or overwhelming the space.

Quirky Architectural Features

Arguably the most desirable feature of a loft-living is the typical architectural features you are usually lucky enough to have. From retro chimney breasts to wooden beams, these stylish architectural features can give a room character.

These architectural features can be styled accordingly, so don’t be afraid to design your apartment to complement these quirky features! Rather than trying to hide them, show them off!

Statement Lighting

What better way to enhance the quirky features in your house, than with bold and statement lighting? If your loft-style apartment includes industrial features, then statement lighting is the perfect way to provide an urban upgrade.

From tripod lamps to decorative bulbs, or even factory-style pendants, lighting can make a tremendous difference in decorating your loft-style London apartment.

Partial Walls

More old-fashioned loft-style apartments are designed as studio apartments which can add a continuous flow throughout the apartment while blending in into the background, although, this can sometimes mean a compromise of privacy and separated space.

Partial walls can create the illusion of more space while bisecting the living space for increased flexibility and creating cocooning areas.

Low Decor

If the ceilings in your loft-style apartment are low, then it can really help to keep the décor low to the ground to make the appearance of higher ceilings.

You can apply low décor through low sofas, platform beds and low coffee tables, rather than raised beds and high furniture.

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Customised Storage

Custom-made wardrobes or storage can be well worth the money when planning the layout for your loft-style apartment. As most loft-style apartments feature sloped ceilings and therefore less vertical space in some areas, it can be worth using an experienced carpenter to create a bespoke storage solution.

For awkward spaces, customised storage can be built into areas to provide maximum flexibility and practicality.

Playful Patterns

Playful patterns, whether it be funky prints or bold and daring decor, can elevate the style of your apartment and give it character to create a more dramatic dimension with depth.

The great thing about playful patterns is that if your apartment is very plain and bright, you can very easily add small touches of colourful patterns to take it from a ‘boring’ decor scheme to an edgy setup transformed in moderation.

Art and Artefacts

If your style is more eclectic, funky artwork can bring attention to your beautiful décor and art throughout the space. It doesn’t have to become a modern art installation than a traditional living space, providing that you style it with homely touches and small details to make your living space more comfortable.

Artwork can also beautifully complement artefacts in your home to create the perfect eclectic living space.

Luxury Loft-Style Living in London

If you’re looking for loft-style living, then you’ll be delighted to know that we have many loft-style apartments in London available for renting and for sale, including in Keybridge House, London City Island and Goodluck Hope.

If you would like more information on any of the developments above then you can get in contact with us here. For more of our stunning properties and other luxury developments take a look at our new homes page.