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3 of the best takeaway options in New Providence Wharf

New Providence Wharf is a riverside community located close to Canary Wharf. It’s a great place to work but lunchtimes can be quite difficult as there are not a lot of places to eat nearby.

There’s the lovely Il Blanco which I highly recommended, but eating an Italian each day will not only add inches to my waist but will also cost me £75 a week on lunch! That’s why we’re such big fans of Deliveroo, as there are lots of options available from healthy to unhealthy and across different price ranges. The delivery charge of £2.50 is reasonable, especially when it’s raining and cold in London (most days!). We tend to order as an office which means we can split the delivery price too.

As we’re located so close to Canary Wharf, the majority of people over here use Deliveroo as it’s a convenient luxury in our busy and hectic lives. Due to its popularity I highly recommend ordering as early as possible so you can schedule what time you would like your lunch delivered. I have previously ordered at prime time and had to wait over one hour, which when you are hungry is like waiting two in my eyes!

Deliveroo in New Providence Wharf


Nandos specialise in chicken, but they cater for all chicken lovers whether you like a mild lemon and herb flavour or if you prefer something hot. Prices range from £8-£12 for lunch for one person.

Il Blanco

As I mentioned Il Blanco serve delicious Italian food. If you fancy a treat I definitely recommend it. From pizza and pasta to healthy salads, their large menu offers a range of options. If you do decide you’d like to visit them in person, the staff are always very friendly and welcoming when eating in the restaurant.

Bleecker St.

Despite being a burger lover I’m yet to try one of their famous burgers. However a lot of my colleagues have and I’m sad to keep missing the days they order a Bleecker Burger from Deliveroo. This is definitely on my ‘Fat Friday’ must-try lunch list.

Jorgia Parrott works in our New Providence Wharf office.

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