balcony summer

7 ways to get your balcony summer ready

One of the biggest benefits of having a balcony instead of a garden is that it’s relatively quick to spruce up. So whether you just want a space to grow a few plants, or you want to create something really special, here are some ideas to inspire you this summer.

1) Relax under the stars

Who needs a table and chairs when you could have a cosy set-up like this instead? All you need to recreate this relaxing spot is a couple of large floor cushions and the throw pillows grabbed from your living room sofa on your way out to the balcony.

2) When in doubt, add fairy lights

There’s no escaping the fact that adding a string of fairy lights makes everything better. From a practical perspective, fairy lights add a little soft light that enables you to stay outside that bit longer – something we actively encourage in the summer months.

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3) Turn your balcony into your living room

Balconies no longer have to just be about a table and chairs. Take the inside out and recreate your living room on the balcony, so you have a comfortable area to crash outdoors during the summer months.

4) Hire a professional

The Balcony Gardeners are London based gardening experts who have been transforming small outdoor spaces since 2009. If you need a helping hand, get in touch and they’ll help you make the most out of your balcony.

5) Create a living wall

There’s nothing hipper than a living wall these days, but these statement pieces are more than just a fashion statement. Living walls are sustainable, flexible and completely adaptable for small spaces like a balcony.

6) Hidden storage

Make your balcony space work harder with furniture that can also be used for storage. We like this set of bar stools that can be stacked and a table that’s also a drinks cooler!

7) Think beyond flowers

If you have hayfever or think flowers are too high-maintenance for your taste, think beyond traditional planters and grow a fresh herb garden instead. It will look pretty, smell great and as an added bonus you’ll be making some delicious dinners with your balcony rosemary, basil and mint!

We hope these ideas have helped inspire you to create your own little balcony nook this summer.

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