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How to make a new build property feel like home

Being the first owner of a new build property has lots of benefits, including a home free of stains and scratches to being the first person to use a brand new bathroom. However, once you’ve unpacked you’ll probably be itching to put your own stamp on your new home. If this seemingly mammoth task seems daunting then read on for our handy guide to making your new build property feel like home in no time.

A white wall filled with photos and magazines

Decorate the walls

  • Most new build properties are decorated in neutral tones such as cream and white, offering a clean yet somewhat stark atmosphere. Once you’ve settled in paint either an accent wall or a whole room in your favourite colour to instantly make a room feel more like home.
  • Digging out your favourite artwork from storage or simply buying some new pieces will also help to add character to a previously bare room.
  • Whilst the world might be edging more and more into the virtual side of life, certain ‘old school’ habits are coming back into fashion, one of these being printed photos. If you fancy a more vintage and eclectic look to your walls, try and source your photo frames in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Try charity shops, vintage and antique markets and even car boot sales until you have the photo wall of your dreams.
  • A wall hanging may evoke memories or thoughts of university accommodation, however they’ve come a long way since then. Now is the perfect time to frame that traditional print you found on holiday, or even find a less ‘authentic’ version from one of your favourite stores.
patterned cushions on the bed

Soft furnishings

  • Scatter cushions, blankets, throws and curtains can make even a barren home feel lived in. Layering fabrics, styles and prints creates easily changeable looks to any room. They can also add a huge injection of colour and character to an otherwise blank canvas which is great if you don’t want to get out the paintbrush.
  • If you’re unsure on interior design and you don’t know where to start, try investing in a good pair of custom-made curtains in a fabric you really love. Not only will they give your bedroom or living room that instant injection of personality but they’ll make you happy every time you get up in the morning.
  • Changing something as small as upholstering your headboard can go a long way to making your home feel glamorous. Adding padding and a beautiful fabric will not only give your bedroom a luxe feel and some comfort, but can also add better acoustics to the room.
  • Little touches such as candles, mirrors and ornaments that you’ve taken with you from home to home offer ambiance that cannot be bought. Whether it’s filling your bedroom with aromas of coconut or sea breeze, or your living room with clean cotton or freshly cut roses, never underestimate the power of your most-loved scent to get rid of that show home vibe.

Gardens and houseplants

Whilst outdoor space is often limited with new build properties, there are exceptions to this rule. New build townhouses are more likely than most to come with their own garden space. If you’re moving into a flat you might not be blessed with a large sprawling expanse of green, however you may have access to a small balcony or wintergarden.

  • In a similar fashion to decorating your walls, try experimenting with different sizes and styles of pots. Be as daring as you can for a fun and different look to your garden. Make sure you check out the best plants for the sun direction and amount of light you receive in the different corners of your balcony or garden. Pick a selection of flowers that bloom throughout the summer, so that you have colour for as much of the year as possible.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of a balcony or a garden then bring the outdoors in. Not only do plants in the home offer some welcome green hues but they also provide a whole heap of health benefits. If you’re unsure of the plants you need to purify the city air in your home, here are our top five.
  • Having plants is one thing, but how about going that one step further and growing fruits and vegetables on your balcony or garden? Tomatoes are a great place to start as they don’t require too much special treatment, followed by potatoes and strawberries. These all grow well in either pots or grow bags so depending on space you’ll have a lush crop of homegrown produce in no time!
friends drinking wine

Invite friends and family over

  • Throw a house warming party or a small and intimate soirée for your nearest and dearest and prepare to see how quickly your new abode feels like home. The smell of baking (especially bread or cakes) or cooking your favourite meal will not only evoke happy memories, but will also add familiar smells to a new home that might not smell of much at all!
  • A great way to feel more at home in your new place is to connect with your surroundings, including your neighbours. Yes, in big cities it might not be commonplace to make contact with those living next door, but it can make new beginnings that little bit less scary. Go round and introduce yourself or go one step further and invite them round for a tea and some homemade cake. You never know, you might have just found a new best friend!

If you have any more suggestions for us, or you try out any of our tips above, please do let us know on Twitter here!