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Interior design tips, trends & property predictions for 2016

John Morley, together with leading professionals and interior design experts, on interior design tips, trends and property predictions for 2016 exclusively for the relocation portal Everything Overseas:

Nowadays people want facilities akin to those you would find in a luxury five-star hotel. Pools, gyms, spas and cinemas are now expected along with high-speed broadband, 24 hour security and a dedicated concierge. Valet parking is increasing in popularity along with on-site delicatessens and organic stores – buyers want their food freshly prepared. Developments need to be able to cater for the rise in home deliveries and have to factor in the space and man power for this. They should come equipped with a large post room and refrigerated space for perishable goods. Bin shoots are fast becoming a thing of the past. Looking ahead, I think keys will become increasingly redundant as access cards and fingerprint entry systems become common place. Plus, developments where you can drive your car into an elevator and it comes with you to your apartment are definitely a trend to watch out for.

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