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Interior Design Trends For Your Nine Elms Apartment | JOHNS&CO

Falling leaves, cool and crisp mornings, darker nights and the countdown to Christmas all herald the arrival of autumn and winter. In recent years, it seems as though autumn and winter influences everything around us. From pumpkin spiced lattes to gingerbread shower gel, the scents of the season imbue a sense of cosiness and hygge that we all seem to love.

As we spend more time indoors it’s crucial that your property is somewhere you want to spend time in. If your home is looking positively summery at the moment, then read on for our top interior design trends to seasonally transition your property, and make it feel warm and snuggly in no time.

living room

Paint the town red (or amber, or green)

Colour is the easiest way to refresh a home as the seasons change. Painting an accent wall is one of the quickest ways to add an autumnal finish to your living room or bedroom. If you have a fireplace (real or faux) in the property, there’s no better way to bring in a cosy feel than painting the wall behind it a warm amber or burnt orange colour. Don’t be afraid to go bright as this can only help to add a smile to your face as the nights get darker. If orange doesn’t match your colour scheme, think colours with warm undertones, such as shades of deep raspberry or stick with traditional tones found in nature, for example a chic forest green.

Not a fan of painting? Printed wallpaper can offer a quick-drying fix to add colour and character to a home. Ditch the geometric shapes for soft grey tones and either choose a feature wall or go all out and change every wall in the room.  

A key trend for autumn/winter 19 will be jewel tones. Think deep amethyst, ruby reds, sapphire blues and the greenest of emeralds. This rich and sophisticated palette of colours offers an opulent feel that will be sure to create a head-turning look all whilst being easy on the eye. The key to this trend is to be brave and bold, don’t be afraid to commit to this rich colour scheme. Accessorise these luxe colours with gold and silver homeware. Think regal-looking candle sticks, photo frames, lamp stands and even cutlery.

fairy lights

Lights, camera, action

One of the major drawbacks of autumn and winter weather is the lack of natural daylight. For much of the UK population this time of year means getting up and coming home in the dark. This means adding as much light into your home is imperative to help you to prolong those winter nights. If you think fairy lights are for uni students’ bedrooms or for little kids, then think again. Placed artistically, fairy lights can add an instant glow to your home or when placed in a redundant fireplace can give the illusion of warmth.

Instead of harsh white bulbs, switch these for softer shades (eco-friendly of course) or alternatively try a lined lamp shade to add a subtle glow to your bedroom or living room.

Candles never go out of fashion, and what better way to make your property not only look but smell good than pockets of natural candlelight. Place larger pillar candles in groups of three in corners or mantelpieces, or dot smaller tea light candles in decorative holders around the room. It goes without saying, but make sure that a naked flame is always monitored and kept away from anything flammable. Just like the fairy lights, if you have a fireplace that is not in use, place a selection of coloured and scented candles in the hearth for a cheery winter feel. Try layering spicy and sweet scents, or zesty and fruity aromas to fill your home with fragrance that is completely unique to you.  Burning lavender or vanilla scents, especially in the evening, can add a calming atmosphere to the home. Try coffee scents in the morning, and sea breeze or clean cotton in the afternoon.

pug under blankets

Layer up

Winter is all about the furnishings. Key winter fabrics include velvet, faux fur and woollen fabrics, perfect for draping over sofas, laying across the bottom of your bed and piling up on chairs. Pick colours that work with your walls or furniture, think deep bejewelled colours, or stick with classic neutrals in shades of beige, brown and cream.

Layering different autumnal colours such as a burnt yellow and a soft navy can be a great way to create your own specific colour palette in your home. Try mixing patterned rugs in smaller and larger sizes to cover wooden or stone floors in a myriad of shapes and shades.

Tweed and tartan fabrics help to make even the swankiest of Nine Elms’ apartments feel like a country retreat. Add throws to leather (faux or real) furniture and splashes of crushed velvet and suede to add character to a modern home.

If you think we’ve missed anything, or you have any award-winning design tips that you would like to share, we’re all ears. If you don’t yet live in Nine Elms, and you want more information on the stunning properties available to rent or buy please do get in touch!