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Inside The Island Grocer at London City Island

London City Island is officially one of the coolest places to live in London. It’s a fabulous new neighbourhood with a cool gym, outdoor swimming pool and the wonderful Island Grocer.

The Island Grocer

A one-stop-shop with an espresso bar, deli, restaurant and grocery store, it’s the place to visit at London City Island.

When you walk in you can tell that a lot of thought went into the design of the place. Inspiration was sought from local history, and we particularly like the green tiles in historic Victorian green.

The shop at the Island Grocer

The grocery store stocks everything you could possibly need, from cartons of juice to toiletries, as well as a few fancier bits too.

We snapped the photo above around Christmas time when the Island Grocer had a rather impressive panettone selection on offer.

The Deli at the Island Grocer

Whether you fancy a quick deli lunch or just need to pick up some meat, cheese and wine for a last minute dinner party, the helpful staff are on hand to assist you.

The bar and restaurant at the Island Grocer

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