Canary Wharf


Canary Wharf

Located on the Northern side of the Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf is a great area for professionals looking for high-quality homes near excellent career opportunities.

Built originally as a business district, Canary Wharf is now a hub for London residents looking for high-quality flats and apartments in London. Residents are provided with not only a choice of high-quality apartments but also access to incredible facilities within developments.

Living in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

Living in Canary Wharf is more than just living in the shadow of high rise buildings and towers. Residents of the Canary Wharf development are provided with access to luxury facilities, as well as having great amenities nearby.

For example, residents can take advantage of exclusive access to:

• Gyms
• Swimming pools
• Cinemas
• Business centres
• 24-hour concierge services

Living in canary Wharf
Canary Wharf is built on what was once the West India Dock, London's first secure wet dock. The dock opened in 1802 and was used for commercial shipping until its closure in 1980.

Leisure and entertainment in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

Within Canary Wharf, there is a selection of bars and restaurants as well as 300 shops, five retail malls and concert venues. The opportunities for residents is endless in this key area of London.

When you choose to live in Canary Wharf, you’ll be able to experience the fantastic culture within this development, as well as plenty of opportunity to enjoy the greenery. Prior to existing opinions of London, Canary Wharf proudly boasts its luscious greenery to its residents. Tucked in between the towers lies pleasant little spots where you can enjoy some greenery on a warm day.

Canary Wharf Leisure and entertainment
Canary Wharf is made up of 97 acres, boasting approximately 16,000,000 square feet of retail and office space.

Core Location in London

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is ideal for professionals looking for career opportunities. Served by London-wide transport services such as trains, tubes and buses, residents have easy connections to key business establishments. There are also ample opportunities for cyclists, with dedicated cycle routes for ease of use and effective London transportation.

Due to its location, the Canary Wharf area is ideal for those looking for the perfect work/life balance, with offices and amenities within walking distance. The once derelict docklands are now a prime location and landmark in London.

Canary Wharf core location in London
One Canada Square was one of the first of the new buildings in Canary Wharf in 1991 and was the tallest building in the UK until the Shard was completed in 2012.

Properties for Every Londoner

Canary Wharf

You’ll be able to find a range of new homes in Canary Wharf. Whether you’re looking for something modern and minimalistic or something more luxurious, you’ll be able to find the perfect apartment here.

Canary wharf properties for every Londoner

Properties for sale in Canary Wharf View all properties

Wardian East Tower, London, E14
Wardian East Tower, London, E14
Wardian East Tower, London, E14

Properties to rent in Canary Wharf View all properties

Ostro Tower Sailmakers, Canary Wharf, E14
£686 / week Fees Apply
Ostro Tower Sailmakers, Canary Wharf, E14
£829 / week Fees Apply
Let Agreed
Pan Peninsula Pan Peninsula Square, London, E14
£1,200 / week Fees Apply

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