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London Still World’s Top Financial Centre

Great news for London as it retains its position as the world’s number one global financial centre, beating competitors New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo once more to first place.

The Global Financial Centres Index shows London standing strong at the top of the table, despite Brexit. All of the top ten centres experienced a fall in rankings, with London falling just two points – the smallest decline in that top ten group. In the last index, there were just two points between London in first place and New York in second place. Although both cities have maintained their rank, New York’s ratings fell by 24 points, widening the gap between first and second place.

The Index is compiled using 102 different factors, including quantitative measures provided by the World Bank, OECD, and the United Nations. Centres are assessed on five ‘Areas of Competitiveness’: Business Environment; Human Capital; Infrastructure; Financial Sector Development and Reputation. London ranked in first place for each of the Areas.

“In the face of understandable recent uncertainty, to see a study highlighting London’s resilience in tough times should offer comfort to those looking for positivity,” said JOHNS&CO Sales Director Chris Osmond.

He added: “In typical British fashion, it’s proof that Keep Calm and Carry On is the best approach!”