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Moving To Wapping Lane? Is It A Safe Place?

The stereotype: East London is rough. It always has been. It always will be. 

The reality: Wapping Lane is one of the safest places in London to live. Nestled in the heart of East London, it is a beautiful, up-and-coming location for commuters and a tourist-magnet. With crime safely in the lower band, and newly-built , high quality properties available, JOHNS&CO are convinced that it is the perfect place to settle down or rent in the capital.

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Low crime rate

Wapping Lane is housed in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Most recent statistics from the metropolitan police have shown that in 2018, the crime rate in Tower Hamlets per 1000 residents was lower than the average crime rate across similar areas. The total number of crimes in the district of St Katherines and Wapping from August 2018 to Jul 2019 has only risen by mere 18 crimes. This marks Wapping Lane out as a safe place to live where crime is not a cause for concern.

For more information about Wapping Lane police and crime.

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A police force you can rely on

As early as 1798, Wapping Lane was leading the national fight against rising levels of crime. England’s first Marine Police Force was formed in the late 18th century by Patrick Colquhoun and John Harriott: their goal was to help improve public order and safety, in a climate of rising rates of ship lootings and theft. 

Fast forward a few centuries and Wapping Lane’s fight against crime remains incredibly strong. Tower Hamlets has 20 Safer Neighbourhood Teams, who are groups of Met Police Officers and Community Support Officers dedicated to serving the local community. Should any problems arise, the friendly local Wapping police are always there to listen and take appropriate action towards resolution.

A safe and vibrant place

Wapping holds many attractions for locals and tourists alike. This makes the neighbourhood a happy and vibrant place to live in.

Wapping Lane is a cultural hub, excelling in the fields of music, drama and visual arts. The district has always been famous for its artistic talent: the famous American painter James Whistler was inspired to paint Wapping in the mid 19th century (a painting now housed in the National Gallery of Art, Washington), and it is well known that Cher spent the 1990s in the neighbourhood. Today, you can easily soak in Wapping Lane’s cultural vibe through the number of art venues located in and around the area. Only 9 minutes away from Wapping Lane is the prestigious Wilton’s Music Hall, a stunning venue which regularly hosts leading musicals and dramas. Closer still is the Wapping Project. This venue, once the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, is now home to vibrant art exhibitions and musical performance. The Project celebrates its history, with the building retaining its  pipes, chains and valves to serve as the perfect backdrop to the more modern art being showcased.  

If the cinema is more your thing, JOHNS&CO have a series of luxury properties available on 21 Wapping Lane, each with their own private residents’ cinema. Learn more about 21 Wapping Lane properties here. Meanwhile, the Curzon Aldgate is a great new-build cinema in the East End, for those looking for quality big-screen entertainment. 

Wapping Lane and the local vicinity also enjoys a rich and diverse food culture. The St Katharine Docks World Food Market, now in its third year, is a top-quality weekly market, celebrating the diversity of world street food with a large range of cuisines, and putting the emphasis on local and ethical food sourcing where possible. When it comes to eating out, Wapping Lane offers lots of choices. The dynamic and thriving gastronomy means you never have to worry about being unsafe when you go out for a meal.

  • Top-quality Italian restaurants: notably Il Bacino, where food is served on elevated plates in a beautiful terrace setting. This place always has a vibrant buzz around it, serving amazing wines with al fresco dining. 
  • The best of Indian cuisine: try Lakasha Bay, a classy, stylish location which serves exquisite and traditional Indian dishes
  • Good old fish and chips: Wapping Fish Bar is the best place to indulge in this traditional maritime treat.

Wapping’s cultural vibe clearly demystifies East London’s bad reputation as a rough and unsafe place to live.

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Safe and Practical

Whether you are a hardcore commuter or simply someone looking for a great place to rent in London, you will need safe and reliable transport links within easy reach. At JOHNS&CO London, we offer fantastic places to stay in Wapping Lane that will allow you to travel easily and effectively in and around London.


Shadwell Docklands Light Railway station is only a 5-minute walk away from Wapping Lane (0.2 miles). The DLR service is ideal for connecting to other railway stations at Stratford, Bow, Heron Quays, Canning Town and Canary Wharf. It also allows you easy connection to the Tube network at Bank and Tower Gateway (Tower Hill) stations. The best bit is that you can pay for your DLR fare with your Oyster Card, making travelling from Wapping Lane to your destination even more hassle-free. If you’d prefer to get a few more steps in before the morning commute, you can easily walk a little further to the nearest Tube stations: Algate and Tower Hill stations are only 17 minutes away.


JOHNS&CO currently offer a property at Park Vista Tower, 21 Wapping Lane with its very own secure parking, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your car out. However, Wapping Lane also has a number of safe car parks nearby: the City Quay Car Park is a 9-minute walk away, and Arch Car Parking is a 10-minute walk away. 

Is Wapping Lane a Safe Place To Live?

So the answer is a definitive yes: Wapping Lane is a safe place to live. Crime rates are low, the police force is strong, and the vibrant cultural appeal of the district contributes to a vibrant and happy atmosphere.  All in all, a w-h-apping great place to live. 

For more information, have a look at JOHNS&CO’s suites and 2 bedroom properties available now on Wapping Lane.