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Wapping Lane 23/09/2019
Wapping Lane: Best Commuter Hotspot In London
If you live and work in a city there's almost one topic of conversation that comes up time and time again: your commute. More and more people are venturing further afield to own or rent their dream home, but that often comes at a price - a longer and more expensive journey into the office.
Nine Elms 18/09/2019
A Comprehensive Guide To Nine Elms | Living in Nine Elms
The first mention of Nine Elms can be found as far back as AD 47, when a Roman Settlement was named in the grounds of Lambeth Palace. Originally named after the nine elm trees that lined the main road and the farm that followed, the area has been transformed from a desolate waste ground into one of London’s (and indeed the country’s) most exciting regeneration areas.
Brexit 16/09/2019
Housing and Brexit Concerns
Whether we head to the polls again in a few weeks’ time for the third time in five years remains to be seen, but the political parties should remember that there is more than Brexit on people's agendas.
Open House London 2019 | Off the beaten track places to visit
Celebrate the best of architecture and design with Open House London 2019. Explore Roman ruins, discover innovative eco-friendly homes and visit some of London’s most famous landmarks all in one weekend.
canary wharf 04/09/2019
Canary Wharf Area Guide | Living in Canary Wharf London
Our Canary Wharf area guide looks at the history, transport, restaurants, green spaces and shops in the area.
London City Island 29/08/2019
The Inspiration Behind London City Island
After being given the title of the Best New Place to Live back at the 2017 London Planning Awards, the capital’s newest and most ambitious residential project has now taken full swing as London's residents begin to flock to the exciting new build. A 12-acre cosmopolitan neighbourhood of homes, restaurants, offices and various other cultural spaces, London City Island has fast become the place to own property in London.
Another £381 raised for Richard House Hospice!
Last week the whole company came together again for our quarterly meeting which we now traditionally end with a raffle for charity.
A brief history of Pirates in London
When you think of the River Thames what springs to mind? Thames Clippers? Riverside pubs? What about Pirates? Back when the Thames was the main thoroughfare for ships bringing goods from across the world, River Pirates would often target them for their cargo.
summer holidays 14/08/2019
How to keep the kids entertained this summer
Need free and affordable summer holiday ideas in London? From parks to pools and everything we've in between, we've got you covered.
new build property 08/08/2019
How to make a new build property feel like home
Being the first owner of a new build property has tonnes of benefits, but once you've unpacked you may be itching to put your own stamp on your new home. If this seemingly mammoth task seems daunting then read on for our handy guide to making a new build property feel like home.
5 plants that are good for your health to have at home
Adding plants to your home doesn't just make your living spaces feel more welcoming - choosing the right plants can also make your home healthier.