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Our Favourite Space Saving Furniture

Our Favourite Space Saving Furniture

Planning the interior design and furniture arrangements in a room with limited space can be difficult, as there’s a risk that too much furniture in a confined space can look cluttered and even make the room appear smaller.

Space saving furniture is the best option in maximising the limited area available, to give you the freedom and flexibility of having a spacious home and having furniture and storage when you need it. Another benefit of space saving furniture is that it’s compact and tends to be very affordable. The most important need for space saving furniture is to be multi functional, so that it incorporates more than one purpose depending on its intended use.

In this article, we talk through some space saving furniture ideas that you can utilise in your home to maximise space.

Small Space Dining

The dining table is an important piece in any home since it’s part in any home, as it’s the place we gather around to eat and debate, however dining tables can take up a significant amount of space. For small space dining, you can invest in the Oval Gateleg Drop Leaf Kitchen Dining Table foldaway dining table from Mood Living which folds away for easy storage. This means that you can make the most of your space and even pack the table away when you don’t need it.

If you’d prefer to opt for a dining table present at all times, you can opt for a stylish and chic extendable dining table, similar to the Thomas Extendable Dining Table that can be found on Wayfair. The extendable dining table extends out to offer more dining space for when you are entertaining. 

The Cambourne Stowaway Dining Set stocked by Dunelm is another fantastic space saving solution for small space dining, where the chairs can be hidden away underneath the table when the table isn’t being used.

dining room and chairs

Space Saving Beds

With any bedroom, there will be many items that need to be stored away, which we might only use several times a year. Investing in a quality bed with storage included will mean that the odd bits and bobs you don’t need on a regular basis can be stored in the storage compartments permanently. 

Dunelm stocks stylish divan beds, like the Rockingham Pocket Sprung Divan Bed which offers storage drawers to store and hold your clothes, bedding or shoes. If you’re looking for a storage bed that will hold larger items that won’t fit in a drawer, you can choose to invest in an ottoman storage bed with gas-lift hydraulics – we particularly like the Spacey Upholstered Ottoman Bed from Wayfair.

However if you’re looking for a guest bed for your spare room but want to make use of the spare bedroom when not in use, you might be interested in a foldaway bed, for example a trundle bed or a FoldAway Integrated Wall Bed Mechanism Murphy bed from HideAway Beds which folds out from the wall. Murphy beds allow you to use a built in storage unit where the bed folds into.

Another option for a space saving bed is to install a space efficient sofa bed which doubles up as multi-functional furniture in your living room. A futon bed can be another alternative bed space, which folds out from a daybed. Futon beds are stylish and a great space saver.

minimalist bedroom

Expanding your Living Space

Coffee tables are an essential furniture item for any living room, which can hold drinks, snacks or few books. A space saving nest of coffee tables similar to the Fulton Set of 2 Coffee Tables from Dunelm can give you more up coffee table space when in use but can alternatively be placed with one other the other when not in use. The benefit of nesting tables is that they can double up as a side table or a coffee table, with stackable pieces for extra floor space.

A storage coffee table is another functional option for expanding your living space. You can find many of these in any furniture shop, although we particularly like this Fulton Fabric Coffee Table from Dunelm. With a lift away lid, you can store away all of your accessories within the storage container underneath the lid.

If you’re living in a studio and are looking for a storage solution to separate your living area to your sleeping area, the IKEA Kallax Storage range is a creative way of incorporating storage space. These units are very popular for home storage solutions, and can also be a nice way of storing your picture frames and ornaments.

We love seeing clever space saving storage hacks, so if you’ve created something unique and multi-functional for your London apartment or London home, please share it with us on Twitter.