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wardian bathroom with plants

PRESS RELEASE: Beards & Daisies Collaboration

London estate agents, JOHNS&CO, have launched a new initiative aimed at boosting greenery in homes across the capital following increased appetite for house plants fuelled by a year of lockdowns and working from home.

The agency, which has eight branches across London and represents some of the capital’s most notable residential developments, has partnered with plant specialists Beards & Daisies, to offer clients the choice of two distinctly different packages to greenify their homes.

It is hoped the initiative will help landlords and vendors make their properties stand out from the crowd and appeal to a growing audience of post-pandemic plant-lovers. Property listings will be enhanced with computer generated images to showcase how the plants would look in the home, with the buyer or renter then able to choose which of the two plant collections they would most like.

Commenting on the initiative, Chris Osmond, Sales Director at JOHNS&CO, said: “The post-pandemic market is highly competitive and landlords and vendors need to up their game if they want to make their property stand out from the crowd. This unique partnership not only helps to elevate our clients’ properties aesthetically, but also crucially taps into the increased appeal of houseplants and brings greenery into the homes of Londoners at a time when health and wellbeing indoors has never been more important.”

“The Havana Collection” offers the best of paradise island life, with luscious, leafy greens capturing the tropical laid-back essence of Havana and transforming London homes into urban oases. Plants in this range include striking Monsteras, Fiddle Leaf Figs and the impressive Bird Of Paradise, all of which aim to bring calm and relaxation into the home.

Areca and Kentia Palms are provided for the bedrooms, offering an abundance of wellbeing benefits, from purifying the air to aiding restful sleep. Leafy ferns and Calatheas are provided for bathrooms to make them feel more like luxury jungle spas.

In contrast, “The New York Collection” is designed for residents who prefer clean, bold lines and minimal design, creating the perfect synergy between urban living and natural greenery.

The collection includes highly structured Snake Plants and glossy ZZ Plants providing an array of foliage designed for living areas. Peace Lilies and Cast Iron plants are known to aid relaxation and their air-purifying properties and clean aesthetic lend themselves perfectly to bedrooms.

Texture and colour takes centre stage in the bathroom plants, with a beautiful collection of Rubber Plants, Palms, Dracaenas and Cacti.

Jo Lambell, founder of Beards & Daisies, said: “We’ve seen a huge spike in interest in indoor plants during the pandemic. Not only do they look fantastic, brightening up any room, they offer a whole host of health and wellbeing benefits. A house just isn’t a home without living breathing, air-purifying plants in it. We’re so excited to work with JOHNS&CO to bring more gorgeous greenery to London homes.”

The initiative is initially being trialled at Wardian, a new development by EcoWorld Ballymore, where every single apartment comes with generous outside space along the entire width of the property. Residents at this development also have access to a private gardener to help them curate and manage their green spaces.

For more information on the initiative please visit here to find out more.