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Preparing Your Home for a Property Viewing

Most people want their home to look its best when showing it to prospective buyers, and often will buy flowers, deep clean and even bake bread in order to make their home the most appealing. However it’s the smaller things that capture the attention of buyers, and it’s these things that often stop homes from selling.

As they say, you judge someone within 7 seconds of meeting them, and this appears to apply to property as well. Those initial few minutes can often make the difference between a buyer starting their viewing on a positive or negative note.

If you’re looking for ways to prepare your home for an upcoming property viewing, keep reading. We have listed some of the most helpful ways to have your property receive plenty of interest and potential buyers.

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Fixing visual cracks and marks

A Sell House Fast survey of 1,266 people who have been to several viewings over the last year found that cracks, marks and stains leave the biggest negative impression.  These carry a 76% turn-off rate, highlighting that many buyers can’t look past more major issues with the property.

Walk around your property and note any areas which will need filling in or repaired. If you have marks on painted walls or door frames, it can really be worth painting over these so they appear as good as new. It’s can also be a good idea to remove any stains on woodwork, carpets or rugs, as these can be an important factor for potential buyers.

Ensure that fixtures are fully functioning

Issues arise in all areas of the home, which might not seem like a big deal to some, but for potential buyers, it can be off-putting. In the bathroom, a staggering 71% of prospective buyers would be dissatisfied by bathroom fixtures not functioning, and 66% are put off by something easy to rectify – exposed wires or broken/missing door handles.  

In the kitchen, damaged kitchen cabinets catch the eye of potential viewers, with 54% of people thinking they are a turn-off, and in the living room make sure you don’t have any torn or ripped carpets or furniture.

As simple as this sounds, making sure that all fixtures are functioning and that all wires are kept tidy and enclosed. Something as simple as replacing a dead lightbulb or repairing a loose door handle can make a huge difference, regardless of how easy it is to fix.

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Mould and mildew

Similarly, mould also leaves a negative impact on viewers, with it becoming a health hazard for those with breathing problems, such as asthma. Not only is mould a health hazard, but it can damage your home’s building materials, furnishings, and belongings.

Mould thrives in damp, warm and humid areas, which is why buyers often take bigger notice to bathrooms, kitchens and external walls. As mould can spread rapidly, it is highly advised to ensure regular checks of your property and use bleach if the issue is minor. For more serious cases of mould, it can be appropriate to enlist a professional in to handle it.

Interior Design

A great way of increasing the value of the property is by investing in interior design. As the kitchen and bathroom are often focal rooms for many buyers, these are usually good places to invest in. 

Although a new kitchen or bathroom can be expensive, it adds instant appeal with those interested in the property. Think of improving your property as an investment and not an expense, as this can give you more leeway in increasing the buying value of the property. 

Before rushing to make interior design changes, it’s important to consider if the expensive changes will help you achieve your goal, otherwise, you’re at risk of making a loss.

Clear the garden

If your home has a garden, you may be interested to learn that 68% of estate agents suggest making the garden as presentable as possible, as this can be another critical factor for potential buyers.

Make sure that your garden has been swept of leaves and debris, and any garden furniture is either cleaned or covered. It’s also great to mow the lawn (if necessary) and cut back any overgrown plants.

Make your home, feel like a home

Small things such as buying fresh flowers, lighting scented candles, brewing coffee or even baking can help a home feel more welcoming. However if you don’t fancy going to such lengths, even a deep clean of a home can make a difference. 

73% of estate agents suggest thoroughly cleaning household appliances ahead of viewings, making sure hobs, fridges and ovens are as sparkling as possible. A hoover or dust of main areas can also help to give the impression that the property is well-maintained and cared for.

Using space-saving furniture can open up your home and make the property feel much bigger, which can be positive for a smaller home with less space. Having this extra space can make your space feel more like a home, with less clutter.

How JOHNS&CO Can Help

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