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When Does House Selling Season Start?

If you’re putting off selling due to Brexit, then you may be missing out on the summer sales period. Many of us will think that the season doesn’t have an impact on the performance of a property sale. 

On average, the period between June and August (2014-2018) accounted for more completed sales than in any other period across the year. In fact, around 30% more sales occurred in these months than in the first three months of the year. Properties sold between June and August will typically sell for an average 8.45% more than properties sold during January and February. 

In the last five years, around a quarter of a million homes sold each year in England and Wales between June and August. If you assume that these properties were listed around 8-10 weeks before completion, then it’s properties that are listed now that will sell during this busy period.

Surprising for some, some property types (such as bungalows, apartments and terraces) will have different selling seasons. When you sell your property, you may want to consider when you put the property on the market and if the property type will have an impact on how your property will sell.

When Is the Best Time to Sell a House?

Is it a good time to sell your house? The best time of year to sell a house depends entirely on the season and which type of property you’re looking to sell. You may want to think about who the target buyer is, as target buyers within categories tend to have similar buying habits and preferences. With property prices naturally rising and falling throughout the course of the year, you will want to identify your target buyers and think about when they are most likely to be searching for your property type.

One & Two Bedroom Properties

The target buyers of one and two-bedroom apartments are generally young couples, first-time buyers or lone buyers searching for a small home.

These buyers usually save throughout the year and tend to buy when properties are at their cheapest, which is usually January and February. With most young couples being motivated to have one last Christmas at home, the early months of the year following Christmas and New Year are usually a popular time for these target buyers to begin home-hunting.

Similarly, many of these buyers hope to buy their new home just in time for Christmas, making September a popular month for them to search for a home.

Autumn isn’t the greatest time to sell a house, with November being the worst month to put a property on the market after buyers go into ‘hibernation’. With that being said, home buyers are likely to be most motivated during this time of the year before Christmas and it can be a great time for buyers to purchase a property with sellers often open to price negotiations.

Three & Four Bedroom Family Homes

Target buyers for three and four-bedroom homes are most often those buying their second home and either have children or are looking to start a family in the coming years. They are described as ‘second steppers’ as a large majority of these buyers are moving from smaller homes or apartments.

Whilst selling times do vary, the best time to sell three or four-bedroom homes is outside of school holidays. This is likely due to parents having the convenience of viewing properties and handling applications when their children are in school. With parents needing to entertain children during the school holidays, it leaves very little time for house-hunting.

For this reason, these types of properties take longer to sell in August and over the Christmas season and are most likely to sell around May, June and July. Unfortunately, these buyer types tend to have holidays booked during this time meaning that August property sales should be avoided for this property type. With that being said, if your property isn’t on the market by June/July, you may be at a disadvantage whilst most competing properties will have already been snapped up by your target buyers.

Bungalow & Retirement Homes

Those buying bungalows and moving into retirement homes tend to be elderly and looking to down-size from larger properties. Many of these elderly down-sizers tend to search for properties in the warmer months when they are able to settle into a home much better, making June, July, August and September the best time to advertise a property sale.

We recommend avoiding marketing this type of property between other months of the year as not many buyers are searching for this property, therefore the properties are worth significantly less in value. These properties often look their best during this time of the year with great light, mild weather and gardens in full bloom. Buyers are also more likely to be prepared to go house-hunting in better weather, which is why many buyers tend to search when temperatures begin to rise.

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