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Green Living And The Wardian Development

The last 12 months have caused a lot of us to re-evaluate what we are looking for in a home. As real estate specialists, we know this better than anyone, having experienced the new property trends first hand. After spending the better part of a year confined to our living spaces, we can all agree that there are certain qualities that we now require from our property. We’ve spent three lockdowns in extremely close quarters with our family or our friends, and have learned what it is that makes it manageable, if not enjoyable. For a lot of people, this is green living. More specifically, space and the outdoors. 

Green living is about sustaining a healthy environment from home, which is a lot easier than it sounds. Flora and fauna are really easy to incorporate into our everyday lives, without even stepping foot outside, and have proven a really effective means of staying safe, sane and motivated. Our Wardian development takes green living and the natural power of botanicals to the next level. Boasting an expansive outdoor area, spacious balconies and sweeping views across London, this Canary Wharf residential apartment complex is the answer to most of our prayers. 

Wardian offers something for everyone: luxury accommodation, innovative landscaping, five-star amenities, nearby stores, bars and restaurants and convenient transport links. It provides a new standard of living, and is the ideal living space for those looking to remain in the potential and activity of London, without being overwhelmed by its never-ceasing noise and movement. Perhaps our favourite thing about Wardian is the opportunities that it offers for green living, and incorporating a sense of the outdoors into the indoors.

We’re also thrilled to announce our partnership with Beards & Daisies who have designed beautiful (and practical) plant bundles for Landlords and Vendors to fill their properties with inviting lush flora. Read on for how you can level up your living with their help,  find out what plants work best in what environment, and learn about the stunning Wardian development.

wardian plant filled bathroom

Private Garden Area in London

This is a rare feature in central London, which is what makes the Wardian development stand out from the rest. Offering a private balcony, that is easily transformed into a garden area, the development strikes the perfect balance between modern city living and botanical urban tranquility. While there are many beautiful green spaces around London, there is nothing quite like having your own private space to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the world. With floor-to-ceiling windows in all Wardian apartments, you can enjoy a full view of your green living space from the comfort of your living room.

A Garden Tailored To You

Wardian private gardens can be tailored to your heart’s desire, with a private gardener available to recreate your vision. Your chosen botanicals will thrive beneath the experienced green thumb of a dedicated practitioner. Whether you want a minimalist green space that’s neatly tended or a bold and luscious environment that captures the essence of the wild, it is achievable in your own private garden. 

Fan of ferns? Sucker for succulents? Passionate about palms? The Wardian gardener will ensure your balcony is filled with everything you love. Cocoon yourself in lush hues of olive, pastel and pistachio green and feel your daily stresses melt away. Each Wardian private garden features a palette of rich greenery set against a backdrop of limestone paving and anodised bronze planters. Outdoor space and greenery is at the very root of the Wardian London concept, a luxury living sanctuary separate from the busy mania of London.

wardian plant filled kitchen

Outdoor Plants

The best thing about having a private garden is the ability to choose what kind of plants you want to have in it. While your choice can be centred around colour, size and shape, you can also go one step further. Why not look for plants that you can use in the kitchen? How about plants that can influence your mood? And have you considered approaching your plant choice by theme?

English Ivy

One of our favourite plants is the English Ivy. While typically associated with old buildings and the British countryside, we think it would be a fantastic addition to one of our Wardian private gardens. What most people don’t know is that this isn’t only an outdoor plant! Placed inside of your home in a sunny spot, it will absorb mould from the air and prevent your home from a nasty infestation. 

“For city dwellers and those living in more urban settings, it is still absolutely possible to enjoy the benefits of plants outside, transforming your outdoor space into an oasis of greenery. Just 20 minutes of contact with nature is said to lower cortisol levels, meaning being surrounded by plants is a great way to de-stress.” – Jo Lambell, Founder of Beards & Daisies

plants in the bedroom

House Plants

Plants are an excellent way to spruce up any home – especially if you want to embrace green living without having access to an outdoor garden space. Whether you want plants in the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom, there’s guaranteed to be a piece of flora and fauna to suit your style. Have you thought about getting a cactus? How about a creeping fig? Or why not get something bigger and bolder, like a ponytail palm tree?

Aloe Vera

One of our favourite indoor plants is the Aloe Vera. The gel in its leaves can be used to treat skin conditions such as sunburn and psoriasis. Although it’s generally found in creams and ointments, you can also use the gel straight from the plant! It helps to purify the air, getting rid of major air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Aloe Vera loves the sun, so if you have space on your kitchen window sill, this plant is an excellent choice.

We believe that there is a perfect plant for everyone! Houseplants are so diverse that you’re bound to find one to suit your exact needs and lifestyle. If you’re prone to forgetting about your houseplants or are new to all things green, try a Kentia Palm or Snake Plant. Hanging plants, like the Hoya Linearis, look fab cascading from shelves or sideboards. And your green friends will be looking after you too, purifying the air and removing nasty toxins.” – Jo Lambell, Founder of Beards & Daisies

Plants For Green Living in London

Green living can help you to craft a healthier and happier home. Whether you live in the Wardian development, or somewhere else entirely, it’s impossible to go wrong with green living. Botanicals are a sure fire way to boost your mood and your interior design, without breaking the bank. Our favourite 3 plants are a stylish addition to any room, while also having surprising health benefits. 

Spider Plant

If you’re not particularly green-thumbed, this one’s for you! Not only are spider plants easy to look after, but they also purify the air from carbon monoxide and xylene. They’re fairly forgiving plants too, because they’re not picky about where they live. A spider plant can be  kept in any room of the house, and once it starts producing ‘spiderettes’ you can propagate them and have several plants around the home.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, is an excellent plant to have in the bedroom. They release oxygen at night, creating a healthier place for you to sleep.

These houseplants are also one of the most effective at filtering formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene and trichloroethylene out of the air.

We’re passionate about plants at JOHNS&CO, but it’s our friends at Beards & Daisies that are the real experts. 

mixture of house plants

Green Living With JOHNS&CO and Beards And Daisies 

The Wardian development is located in E14, at the heart of Canary Wharf’s busy financial district. It offers a beautiful sanctuary from the city, without ever leaving the capital. If you’re interested in living in the Wardian, take a look at which Wardian apartments are currently available. 

Whether you’re looking to sell, rent, buy or invest, the friendly team at JOHNS&CO are on hand to help you, every step of the way. We are the leading estate agency in London, with 7 branches across the city and an unmatched passion for property. 

Landlords and Vendors in Wardian may be interested to know that at JOHNS&CO we are running a current partnership with Beards & Daisies to fill your property with a variety of house plants. This makes a perfect addition for your potential buyer or tenant. If you want to find out more, contact us here.

And if you’re interested in learning more about botanicals and the benefits of green living, make sure to take a look at  Beards & Daisies. They specialise in making a house a home. Their curated selection of houseplants, and sustainable packaging solutions, are the best way we know to brighten up any room and boost your mood, all in one go. If you’ve enjoyed their plant recommendations, and are interested in purchasing any houseplants, then please visit their website