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Wardian Pool

The Botanical Beauty of the Wardian Development

The first part of 2020 has made a lot of us re-evaluate what matters to us when looking for a home. Perhaps the biggest two are space and outdoor space. Flora and fauna have played an integral part of keeping us all sane and motivated whilst being inside. There’s no denying that outdoor space promotes health and happiness whilst improving our general well-being.

Whether you like outdoor sports, a relax in the park or like going on walks for a breath of fresh air, London can offer some excellent choices. Some of the city’s major parks and grassy spaces are a great place to enjoy breathtaking views whilst on your afternoon stroll.

If you’re searching for the perfect London apartment but outdoor space is a critical factor for you, you may like to take a look at our Wardian development which boasts a spacious expansive outdoor area with a peaceful balcony area and incredible sweeping views across Canary Wharf and wider London.

Wardian provides a new standard of living and has something for everyone, with luxury accommodation, innovative landscaping, luxury five-star amenities, a great selection of bars, restaurants and shops nearby and is an excellent location for local commuting. Wardian has even been described as a point of relaxation and tranquillity, making it the ideal location if you’re wanting to remain in London but step away from the hustle and bustle of the busy capital.

With Wardian’s boastful private balconies becoming a major stand-out feature for London residents, it wouldn’t be right to not talk about the botanical beauty of the Wardian development and how it can be an excellent location for your mind and wellbeing.

Wardian Skylounge

Private Garden Area

With extensive space and a private garden area becoming a rare feature in London properties, the Wardian development stands out of the crowd with the private balcony garden area. The Wardian development creates the perfect combination of state-of-the-art city living and verdant urban tranquil oasis.

Whilst there are many beautiful green spaces dotted around London, there is nothing like having your own private space that you can enjoy with some peace and quiet away from the world. These aren’t just your standard balconies, they are an expansive outdoor area with fully-fledged private gardens.

With floor-to-ceiling windows in all Wardian apartments, you’ll be able to enjoy a full view of your private garden space from the comfort of the indoors with an enhanced sense of space. When the doors open, this space becomes an extension of each Wardian apartment.

A Garden Tailored To You

Each Wardian private garden can be exactly how you would like it to be, with an exclusive private gardener who will recreate your vision and create the ultimate private garden to suit your needs and preference to bring your ideas to life.

Each garden can be as minimalist, lush or as urban as you would prefer. Whether you would like a low-maintenance garden or would rather spend your days pottering around in your garden space, you can have your own living space created to bring life to your London apartment. If you are an avid gardener, your private space can be completely tailored to you. Fan of ferns? Sucker for a succulent? Passionate about palms? The Wardian Gardener will ensure your balcony is filled with everything you love. Cocoon yourself in lush hues of olive, pastel and pistachio green and feel your daily stresses melt away. 

Each Wardian private garden features a palette of rich greenery set against a backdrop of limestone paving and anodised bronze planters. Outdoor space and greenery is the very root of the Wardian London concept, by creating a luxury living sanctuary which separates from the busy hustle and bustle of London.

For those garden lovers with green fingers with a love for curating their own oasis of space, you can choose to fill your space with luxury plants and greenery and have an exact choice of how your garden is designed. However, if you’re not as green-fingered, you may like to choose an alternative of low-maintenance astroturf to keep gardening to a minimum.

Wardian balcony

Private Gardener

You also have the choice of having your very own private gardener to transform your private space into an oasis, which is then curated and regularly cared for without you needing to lift a finger.

This dedicated gardener will take all of your hassles away so that rather than spending weekends maintaining the garden space, you can sit back, relax and enjoy taking in the sweeping views from your very own lush botanic garden space.

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Described as a haven of peace and beauty in the heart of London, Wardian is one of the latest developments which is set to become one of London’s most exciting places to live. Located in E14, Wardian is placed in the centre of Canary Wharf’s busy financial district but offers its residents a beautiful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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