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Things To Do at Home This Easter

Due to the current climate Easter will be different this year. However, that doesn’t mean that the fun needs to be put on hold. There are plenty of activities to do in and around your home no matter what age you or your children are. Oh yes, that’s right, in this round up we have adult activities too so you can enjoy your four days off in style. From the classic egg painting, to Easter egg hunts to even dog-friendly Easter treats, there’s something to suit for every family and budget.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Activities for kids

Watercolour Eggs

To brighten up your windows, get the kids (or adults) to make beautiful water-resist Easter egg decorations. Super simple and fun, just take some watercolour card or paper (or A4 paper if you can’t get hold of watercolour paper) a white crayon, watercolour paints and optional ribbon. Outline an Easter egg pattern with the white crayon and get your little helpers to draw shapes and squiggles. Once you’ve finished your pattern it’s time to take your watercolours and paint stripes across the egg. The paint will resist across the white crayon, leaving delicate patterns in contrast to the colours. When they’re dry, cut out the eggs and stick them to the window, adding a ribbon bow at the top to complete the design. If you live in a close-knit neighbourhood and you have a community WhatsApp group, then consider getting all the children to put their eggs in the window and have an Easter egg hunt during your daily walk.

Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter weekend is complete without the classic hunt. Now that more extravagant hunts such as those in National Trust properties have been cancelled, it’s time to improvise and make do with hunts in the garden. On Easter Sunday morning, sneak into the garden before your children wake up (apologies this is probably about 4am in some households but it will be worth it) and hide your eggs. You can either choose to fill reusable plastic eggs with chocolate or little facts or jokes or take the more traditional route with foiled-wrapped chocolate eggs. Make a little clue sheet or simply let your kids run free! If you don’t have a garden at home, hide them around the house making sure they are easy to find and won’t cause too much trouble if they knock things over! Depending on how much you want to tire your children out, you can slightly exaggerate the amount of eggs that you’ve hidden to keep them busy for even longer!

Easter cookies

Get Baking

Baking some delicious Easter treats is a great way to get the whole family involved. Grab some cornflakes, chocolate of your choice, mini eggs, shredded wheat and cupcake cases and get ready to create the ever-popular chocolate nest cakes! Cover your table or work surfaces with a wipe-clean tablecloth and get ready to have some messy but delicious fun! Get your little ones to crush the cornflakes into one bowl and the shredded wheat in another bowl. Melt your chocolate slowly in the microwave or over a pan of hot water and let it cool slightly. Divide the cereals into smaller bowls depending on how many children you have and then let them mix the chocolate and cereal together until everything is thoroughly coated. Decant into your baking cases and then top with mini eggs or even little Easter chick decorations and refrigerate for an hour or so before devouring!

For a simpler edible treat, take ready-made gingerbread biscuits and get your children to decorate them using icing, chocolate eggs, chocolate buttons, cake decorations, basically anything edible and brightly coloured and host a competition to see who has decorated the best gingerbread.

Crafty Card Making

As we cannot go and visit our loved ones over Easter, it’s a great time to get your children involved in making and decorating Easter cards to be posted and to spread a little bit of joy to the family.

All you’ll need is some brightly coloured card, pom poms, pipe cleaners, eco-friendly glitter and sequins and basically anything you have lying around! Draw or trace a chick, Easter Bunny or let your children’s imagination run wild and let them cover the card in anything they fancy. Get them to write a cheery message in the middle and post them either before Easter or after the weekend to bring a smile to those who are feeling a bit lonely during this time!

Colourful Easter Eggs

Easter Activities for Adults

Whilst Easter is all about the children usually, if you’re self-isolating or social distancing during these four days then you might want to try some of these activities to cheer yourselves up!

Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs isn’t just for children, you can make this into a relaxing colouring in session for adults too. Boil your eggs, grab a permanent marker and some paint and get comfy! Draw or trace a design onto your cooled cooked egg and then fill in with your colours. Go for a theme like meaningful colours or let your imagination run wild. Once you’ve finished and they’ve dried, either admire them or have a bit of fun in whatever garden space you have with an egg and spoon race. Play for fun or spice things up and play for prizes. Don’t have any physical prizes at home? Try playing for non-material prizes such as ‘who will cook dinner?’ ‘Who is going to take the rubbish out all week?’ Or ‘who is allowed to eat the last Easter egg?’

Easter Quiz

If self-isolation has taught us one thing, it’s that Houseparty, Zoom, WhatsApp video call and Facetime are invaluable. Grab your friends (virtually of course) and set up an Easter themed quiz. Rounds could be loosely based on Easter for example the origins, Easter eggs i.e which chocolate egg is the best seller, an animal round of facts regarding the most common Easter favourites such as rabbits, chicks and lambs and a general knowledge round to finish it off. This is one Easter activity that can be amended for children as well so the whole family can enjoy it together. Or keep the questions a bit more risqué and celebrate with your favourite tipple *please drink responsibly*.

Knitted chickens

Dog-friendly Easter Egg Hunt

So we’re all stuck indoors over Easter which might not be how we envisioned our four days off but it’s absolutely necessary in order to keep our country as safe and secure as possible and to protect our incredible NHS.

We can understand the reasons why we need to stay at home, but for our four-legged friends it is a confusing and strange time. Walks and trips out are limited and even visits to the dog parks are removed for many dogs at this time. To cheer up your fur baby plan an Easter egg hunt that they can take part in. Grab some dog-friendly chocolate, their favourite treats and any other tit bit that they enjoy, perhaps a small cube of cheese, or peanut butter in their Kong toy. Show them what you are hiding to get them excited and then head outside on your own and stash them around the garden and patio. Don’t have a garden? That’s ok, put them in one room and hide the rest around the house or apartment. Let your furry friend free and watch them hunt out all their favourite treats. Depending on how dedicated your dog is (or how good you are at hiding) you can keep them busy for a long time, tiring them out physically but also stimulating them mentally which is incredibly important for them during this time in isolation.

So there you have it, a selection of the best stay-at-home Easter activities for the whole family, from couples in isolation, to fur-parents, to the family-fun classics. Let us know if you take part in any of these by sending us photos and videos and get in touch if you can think of any other activities that we have missed! If you have any questions about the housing market or what the coronavirus means for those looking to buy, sell, let or invest, then please do get in touch!