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Tough Mudder challenge: 5 reasons it’s great for business

You have to be brave to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have to be very brave to voluntarily test your physical strength, stamina and mental grit. And you have to be very, very brave to do all that in front of your colleagues.

But that’s exactly what a team of JOHNS&CO employees did this weekend when they completed Tough Mudder for charity. They volunteered their time and energy to raise money, working together to ensure everyone completed the challenge.

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course. It’s not about winning, awards or how fast you can cross the finish line. It’s about teamwork and accomplishing something tougher than anything you’ve ever done before, which is why we think it’s a challenge every business could benefit from.

5 reasons why colleagues make the best Tough Mudder teams

1) They help you face your fears

johns&co tough mudder

“The Tough Mudder Experience was everything I thought it would be and so much more. Having organised the event for my teammates I felt a sense of pressure to make sure it was a day not to forget – and for us all to return home safely with every limb intact! Whilst the obstacles were tough, painful, enthralling and shocking the overwhelming sense of pride and achievement was etched over every one of our faces upon crossing the finishing line. The key in my opinion to enjoying Tough Mudder is taking part with a team that works for one another and encouraging each person through their fears along the way… this was evidently on display amongst the JOHNS&CO team on the day!”

Graeme Goessen, Head of Property Management

2) They leave nobody behind

tough mudder

“This was the second time I had been roped into doing Tough Mudder and it was definitely my favourite time! The team spirit was amazing and everyone really pulled together to make sure no Mudder was left behind. Although there were some new obstacles, the hardest part for me was re-living ‘Arctic Enema’ which is effectively a skip full of ice that you have to swim through. But I’m pleased to say I managed to conquer that fear! Running isn’t my forte, but the variety of obstacles definitely add an element of fun to what is, in general, a pretty tough, intense time. We are all still in agony and pretty bruised after running up hills and throwing ourselves up ramps, but to be able to raise some money for such a great cause makes it all worthwhile!”

Meena Patel, Lettings Negotiator

3) They understand the value of teamwork

tough mudder team

“As someone who was never sporty, the idea of doing Tough Mudder was not my idea of fun. However I was keen to put my gym membership to good use and that combined with some peer pressure encouraged me to sign up. Tough Mudder was such a challenging experience but it was great to see what I could do when I put my mind to it. Additionally, I really enjoyed the teamwork aspect as you really needed to help and support each Mudder. I ended the day feeling extremely proud of myself and my team. I’ll be talking about this for a few months at least!

Christina O’Connor, Sales Coordinator 

“What I took away from Tough Mudder was that it reminded me how crucial working together is. Being part of a team who are pulling in the same direction, spurring each other on, pushing people out of their comfort zones and challenging each other to go the extra mile, only mirrors the fantastic team ethos we have here at JOHNS&CO”.

Pavel Teixeira, Property Manager

4) They help raise money for charity

tough mudder

Together we’ve almost raised our target amount for Stand Up To Cancer. It’s a great charity that takes developments in the lab and transforms them into new tests and treatments for cancer patients. We still need your help though! We’re still fundraising and you can help us reach our target by donating here.

5) They help you push your limits

tough mudder

“Even though out of shape, a heavy smoker and on a very bad diet I chose to give Tough Mudder a go. As the event was getting closer and closer, there were talks of going to the gym and going for evening run’s from my peers; I definitely started to worry. Finally, the day had arrived, I knew that it would definitely be tough considering I hadn’t trained and I knew I was in bad shape. After completing the whole course, I can honestly say that it is one of my biggest life achievements and has now spurred me on to quit smoking, be much healthier and essentially look after myself a bit better. I would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone”.

Ricky Mentesh, Sales Negotiator

“Tough Mudder is one of those team events which every organisation need to put a team through. It certainly does stretch your resolve on a personal level but the camaraderie and teamwork that my team displayed was astonishing. We had abilities of all levels from Super Fit runners to Super Strong rugby union players. Then you had me who really struggled over the 10.4 mile course. But nobody left anyone else behind. The team were immense and I for one am all for doing it again in future with an expanded team to push their limits.”

Clynton Nel, Residential Director

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